Gamelan of Central Java


Ancient gamelan of STSI. Performers: Faculty Members of the Surakarta Music Conservatory (STSI) directed by Joko Purwanto. Guest performers: Nyi Cendaniraras, pesindhen; Ibu Pringga & Djoko Raharjo, gender; Sri Hartono, kendhang.

Conception musicale et production : John Noise Manis / Musical design and production: John Noise Manis,
enregistré le / recorded on 22 June 2002 (CD1) au/at Studio SembilanBelas (STSI), Surakarta, Java and in 2002 (CD2), from 1999 to 2001 (CD3)

Extensive notes, including critical reviews by Sumarsam (FLOWERS) and Dr. Sarah Weiss (THE MEDITATIVE GENDER)


durée totale/total duration: 161'28

(P) 2003


CD 1: FLOWERS - four outstanding traditional gendhings

1 Ketawang PUSPA WARNA (9 Stanzas), slendro manyura 22'05
2 Gendhing bonang KEMBANG GEMPOL, pelog lima 10'59
3 Gendhing KEMBANG MARA, pelog lima 25'51
4 Ladrang SEKAR GADHUNG, slendro manyura 11'43

CD 2: THE MEDITATIVE GENDER - "rasa" in music, the Javanese way of feeling and knowing

1 Pathetan pelog lima Wantah, gender Djoko Raharjo 2'51
2 Ketawang PANGKUR NGRENAS pelog lima, gender Djoko Raharjo 2'31
3 Macapat PANGKUR NGRENAS pelog nem (one strophe), solo female vocal Nyi Cendaniraras 1'54
4 Ladrang GADHUNG MLATI slendro sanga, genders and gong played by musicians of STSI Surakarta 11'44
5 Macapat PANGKUR pelog nem (one strophe), solo female vocal Nyi Cendaniraras 1'55
6 Jineman ULER KAMBANG pelog nem, gender Djoko Raharjo 3'08
7 Bawa PUSPANJANA slendro sanga, male vocal Darsono, gender Ibu Pringga 3'13
8 Grimingan and Ada-Ada slendro sanga, gender Ibu Pringga 5'02
9 Gendhing LALERMENGGENG slendro sanga, gamelan gadhon: Nyi Cendaniraras and musicians of STSI Surakarta 10'30
10 Jineman ULER KAMBANG slendro sanga, gender Ibu Pringga 3'28

CD 3: COLOURS - soloing the unique sounds of instruments of the gamelan

1 The bonang instruments in Gendhing TUKUNG pelog barang 10'18
2 The gender - opening of Ladrang GADHUNG MLATI slendro sanga 2'38
3 A kemanak improvisation for four players 1'34
4 Kendhang and bonang in Gangsaran 2'00
5 Voice and kendhang - Ending of Gendhing ANGLIRMENDUNG 1'55
6 Rebab pathetan pelog for three players 1'52
7 Rebab pathetan slendro for three players 1'48
8 The bonang instruments in Gendhing DANARAJA slendro sanga 6'04
9 Kendhang solo suite 5'16
10 Gender pathetan pelog 2'01
11 Gender improvisation ("toccata") pelog 1'03
12 Voice and four instruments - Ending of Gendhing KOMBANG MARA pelog lima 3'49
13 Gongs 2'01
14 Gamelan gadhon - Pathetan Wantah pelog barang 2'37

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